The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to Be One

"The Go-Getter: A Story that Tells You How to Be One" tells the tale of a man who made up his mind what he wanted and how he went about getting that which he desired. It is an intriguing story, well-written and hard to put down. Though this classic tale of business smarts penned by Peter B. Kyne has been around for some time, it doesn't feel dated at all. A straight-forward parable about a young war veteran who's handed an opportunity that will either make or break his career, "The Go-Getter" mirrors the challenges faced by many business leaders today. The owner of the business, lumber wholesaler Cappy Rick, "had more troubles than a hen with ducklings." Cappy Rick has a tough assignment to dish out, and thinks Bill Peck might be the man for the job. First, however, he gives Peck the "Degree of the Blue Vase," an ultimate test which has only been passed in two out of fifteen tries. If Peck passes the test, he's a go-getter. If he fails, it's curtains. Bill Peck's motto-"it shall be done"--sums up Kyne's point: even if you're unsure, say you can do it. Then figure out how to do it and make sure you succeed. Go above and beyond. Read this little treasure and you will discover that in all likelihood you are selling yourself short. You'd be amazed at what you can do, by simply deciding that "it shall be done." "The Go-Getter" provides a great insight into what it takes to make our own fortunes. While most workers sit around waiting for a job description, "The Go-Getter" writes his or her own, then exceeds the same. This book offers motivation to look at finding opportunities, ways to make a way, take ownership, show perseverance, maximize the alternatives on hand, respect the instincts of others, and the strongest of all messages, the "it shall be done" attitude.